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Rico Buraga’s blog articles are a required reading list in a Nonprofit Management Program Elective at University of Washington. Specifically the course is titled: Marketing Communications for Your Nonprofit: Creating Awareness and Building Loyalty.

Course Description:

This course is designed to assist nonprofit professionals in creating awareness and building a loyal fan base for your organization. The basics of marketing will be covered along with an overview of the brand communication approach known as Integrated Marketing Communications, in which the different media for communicating your message are integrated into a seamless experience for your donors, and other supporters.

The course will also cover incorporating social media and special events into your marketing plan. Upon completion of this course, each participant will know to how to create a basic framework for communicating your organization’s mission. This course is designed for professionals who work for or with nonprofit organizations and would like to gain immediate knowledge, skills and techniques in the area of marketing communications.

Here is the link to the course curriculum directly from University of Washington, syllabus marketing and social media pdf

The link to the Rico Buraga’s blog articles, digital marketing strategy

If the link to the course curriculum is not working you can also download it here, marketing communications for your nonprofit

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