Philippines: Our right to know right now!

The Philippines is on the verge of passing a landmark transparency bill which could shine a light into government and curb public corruption. President Aquino has endorsed the law, but isn't pushing it forward. Sign the petition now before Monday's State of the Nation address!

Our government has the chance to pass a landmark law that could help clean up our politics -- but without a surge of public support right now, we could lose this historic opportunity.

If passed, this Freedom of Information law would allow anyone to request access to public information like government spending that has been kept secret -- shining a light into dark corners of our democracy, exposing corruption and preventing abuses of power. President Aquino ran for election on an anti-corruption platform, and endorsed the law in January this year. Still the FOI bill remains languishing in committee in the House of Representatives -- and without our support, it will die there.

The President's State of the Nation address is on Monday. Let's put him on notice. This one law can give us a tool to press our government for better policies and services for years to come -- sign and share the petition now:

Over 90 countries around the world already have freedom of information laws, and the access to information is protected by international law. In many countries, it has been transformative in the fight against government corruption.

In the Philippines, Aquino has staked his leadership on government transparency, but it is this law that can change the political culture and make openness mandatory and permanent -- rather than the product of a passing whim.

Let's push him now to get this landmark bill into the statute books! Sign the petition now:

Around the world, Avaaz members are coming together to change the way the world works. Last year over 500,000 Indian Avaaz members called for a historic anti-corruption bill that could transform India. In 2010 over 2 million signed an Avaaz campaign which succeeded in pushing for the landmark "Ficha Limpa" or "clean record" law in Brazil, barring convicted corrupt officials from office. Now, it's time to bring that power to the Philippines.


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